Netball Play with Rules
Annie Kloppers

Netball rules made easy to understand.

An updated version with 2016 updated rules available soon

A Hands-on Manual for Umpires, Coaches, Players and Spectators

Netball | Netball Play with Rules - Annie Kloppers

Authored by Annie Kloppers, an international Umpire from South Africa

The "Netball Play with Rules" book is an essential aid for people involved with netball at all levels. It will enable participants on and off the court to understand what is happening better.

The book is written as a companion to the official IFNA rules. The information follows the same order as the rules book. This allows you to find the necessary explanation quickly.

The contents are as follow:

Section 1:

  • Equipment
  • Scoring

Section 2:

Umpiring Protocol

  • Before the Match
  • Start of Play
  • During Play
  • During an Interval
  • End of Play or Quarter
  • Extra Time
  • Injury / Illness
  • Positioning

Section 3:

Organization of the Game

  • Duration of Game
  • Officials
  • The Team
  • Late Arrivals
  • Substitution and Team Changes
  • Stoppages
  • The Court

Areas of Play

  • Player Areas
  • Offside
  • Out of Court

Conduct of the Game

  • Start of play
  • The Whistle
  • Centre Pass
  • Playing the Ball
  • Short Pass
  • Possession
  • Over a Third
  • Footwork
  • Scoring a goal
  • Contact
  • Obstruction
  • Intimidation
  • Defending Off Court

Section 4:


  • Setting of Penalties
  • Penalty Pass/Shot
  • Free Pass
  • Held Ball
  • Throw-in
  • Positioning of the Umpire at a Throw In
  • Toss Up
  • Advantage

Section 5:


  • Responsibilities of Players and Team Officials
  • Warning, Suspension and Ordering off
  • Failure to take to Court
  • Umpiring Techniques

You should be able to obtain the official rules book from your local netball association.

Are you

  • a netball fan
  • a visual learner
  • having problems understanding what the umpire is doing
  • looking to improve your umpiring

Then this book is a must to have in your bookshelve, sports bag or travel bag.

The Netball Play with Rules book is printed on high gloss paper. The book has a lot of colour photographs and illustrations to explain the content better.

Have a look at the following pages.

Page 26 - Not wholly within and Breaking

Netball | Netball Play with Rules - page 26

Page 35 - Contact and Obstruction

Netball | Netball Play with Rules - page 35

What others are saying

The book is a valuable resource to everyone involved in the game of netball.

Bronwyn Bock Johnathan (SA Protea Player and Captain) (Head Coach: Netball ACT Academy and Canberra Darters)

Play with Rules by Annie Kloppers not only explains the rules in simple terms to the beginner umpire, but the accompanying photos clarify many uncertainties.

Renee Adendorf (South Africa)

Just want to congratulate you for the manual you compiled. Its greatly awesome. I’m an umpire, well done Annie

Chakatsa (Lesotho)

A brilliant exposť of the Rules in Action.

Theresa Prince (SA International Umpire)

A must have for every netballer. The rules are brought to “Life” through this manual.

Marlene Wagner (SA Protea Coach – Silver Medalist World Cup 1995)

An updated version with 2016 updated rules available soon

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